Making Lists

I am having a relaxed Sunday and am in the mood for making lists.

Lists  can be magic. I make lists of what I love doing, what I don’t love, what I would love to try.

I make lists of places to travel, things I’d like to have, people that support me.

Then I work with the first ones and the second ones I put away.

I always end up with unexpected and beautiful surprises.

People showing up out of the blue, unexpected gifts and so on.

The result when working on the first ones is that I find new ways to do what I love – even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day – and that makes me happier and feeling fulfilled.

Try it, make some lists, you might be surprised.

4 thoughts on “Making Lists

  1. I make to do lists all the time. Making want lists is a great idea and much more satisfying when you check something off!

    1. I think forgetting works for those “wishlists” – the others are here to show me my possibilities. I don’t write To-Do-lists anymore, I write Could-Do-Lists, so I choose and am in charge.

  2. I love your thoughts on making lists. I blogged on the same subject a couple of days ago, but I love your idea of, at least on occasion, keeping only the list of things you love doing. My To Do lists, at least, tend to be a conglomeration of chores (laundry, grocery shopping, making the bed, etc.), tasks I need to complete (fill a box for my son-in-law who’s deployed, complete client work for the month, do another chapter in my online class), and things I love (read another article in The Barefoot Writer, do a blog post, write). I’ll definitely have to give your method a try. You can find my post on the subject here:

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