25 years ago…

…something huge and incredible happened in my country.

I still can’t believe it’s been 25 years since I watched these pictures on the TV screen – people from the German Democratic Republic coming over, these happy smiling faces when they crossed the border, driving their Trabbis.

I remember the mixed feeling – being very happy and so surprised, because when I grew up we were told there was not much hope to re-unite our countries.

I remember my first trip to Berlin in 1982, with our school teachers – looking at the wall, all those watchtowers, the barbed wire, knowing what happened over there. Going by train to Berlin we were afraid, when their soldiers where doing patrols in the trains, controlling passports. It felt strange, because we spoke the same language, but were so different.

I live so far away from Berlin, so close to France, the other part of Germany always felt like another country – and still 25 years ago, when the wall came down I felt such an incredible joy. Yes, we had our challenges, we faced difficulties – and still do. But the feeling of living in one country is wonderful.

I also remember traveling to Goerlitz for the first time, to do a job training for America Online and not only was I suprised by the warm welcome but by the beauty of this town. One evening I was strolling through the fascinating old town and found a French restaurant, and my two halfs, the German and French one felt at home.

Today, on this sunny holiday, I wish for all countries where brothers fight brothers to experience peace again, one day – and maybe a reunion like ours. Do not give up hope – it can happen, even if it takes more than 40 years.

5 thoughts on “25 years ago…

  1. We can definitely have a PEACEFUL world. The Earth is about to go through a shift to ensure that happens – in my opinion. We just have to go with this change or resist….. what a great blog post on healing. Thank you so so much for sharing and like you I have HOPE for the world. I truly do 🙂

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