I’m back

It was very quiet in here the last two weeks or so. I know that.

I started my new job on September 1st and had to adjust to the different rhythm. Getting up so early that there’s time for my Taoist training and a short meditation takes days getting used to.

Shuffling my creative projects around the new job takes time, too.

I have been thinking about my blog daily – writing is another thing.

The plan was to write on the train, while commuting. Now three of my co-workers are on the same train, in their twenties and babbling along, nice – but not my way to start my day.

So I try to write in my lunch break, or after work, when I am not too tired.

I plan to take the Ultimate Blog Challenge again in October, to write daily.

What worked in June might work then. So stay tuned, I’ll share my life and thoughts with you more regularly from now on.

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