Unfinished Business

This week I feel the urge to finish things, projects – so I can start my new job without these loose ends.

And I have got quite a few….some unfinished knitting projects, some legal stuff, a nearly finished script, decluttering my space.

I feel like I have to sort it all before September 1st.

Unfinished things seem to take up energy and space, I tend to think about them or they grumble along in my subconscious mind.

So this week I’ll decide which knitting projects to finish first (some are okay for later, more fall ot christmas projects),

whom to meet next week, as long as I am flexible.

I’ll rewrite parts of the script and continue to plan.

I know when I have a plan, I am faster, I get more done – the call, I need to make and told myself to wait for a perfect moment, the appointment with my parents at the bank.

The poem I want to write for a friend, the script that needs to be read by some trustworthy friends and artists.

Very often I tend to procrastinate, to “do it tomorrow”. Having a fixed date for my new job helps me, clearing my desk and my head. Clearing the way for fresh energy.

How many unfinished projects do you have?

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