Playing with Colours

rainbow colours

Not much text today, just something I am playing with – colour palettes.

(You can find lots of them here: )

A friend asked me which one was my favourite, the one that makes my heart jump and I couldn’t decide. I had different favourites yesterday. I think it depends which mood I am in.

Of course I have favourite colours: fuschia, magenta, bright purple, jewel colours – that’s me.

magenta purplePeople who know me know that I wear black with bright accessories or jeans and a magenta shirt.

Last week I was – to my surprise –  in a mood for bright green. I felt great wearing this shirt.

blue-greenToday I feel more like black shirt – but red boots.

And I own a candy striped raincoat – I call it my lucky coat, it always gets me in a happy mood, no matter how much rain or clouds.

Have fun playing with the palettes – what are your favourite colours? 


3 thoughts on “Playing with Colours

  1. My favorite color depends on my activity at the time. If I want to relax I choose one color, if I am on a mission I choose another. I tend to choose from warm winter colors and accent my wardrobe with colorful scarfs. I love love love color.

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