Trying to fit in…

I just got back from an assessment center, only half-day, but I am tired.

I noticed that even if I am feeling good and experienced and have all the requested qualifications, these events make me feel tired.

Okay, one thing might be no coffeine, because only water, no coffee available.

On the other hand I always start to feel a competition, start to try to fit in the special “job-box”.

Even if I know deep inside that there are no boxes in this universe, just limitless possibilities.It seems to be deeply wired and trying to fit in makes me feel tired because I cut parts of me off.

Knowing I did my best in my actual state helps. However I still would love us all to stand out instead of trying to fit in.

I am in a mode now where I don’t actually care about the results.

I just want to be myself – and I wonder if the only way for me is freelance or my own business.

Where do you try to fit in?

3 thoughts on “Trying to fit in…

  1. I think a lot of effort gets put into trying to fit in at the work place. Honestly, being yourself and doing your own thing will probably result in you finding your place in the group. You owe it to yourself to not conform to other people’s standards. Be yourself, and others will respect you for it.

  2. Those kinds of events always make me tired too. Maybe if you’re an introvert that has something to do with it. You work hard and it is tiring. Hope you had a good time.

  3. If you choose to go with this company, you’ll either fit in or not, so just be yourself and do your job. But always have an exit plan. Pick a date in the future (maybe 1-2 years from now) and tell yourself that’s the day you’ll leave the company to go out on your own (or find another job). Keep your resume up-to-date regardless. You never know when you’ll need it.

    No coffee? I might have walked out…

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