“Should” you do something?

Last week I had a lot of “shoulds” in my life, so much that I got tired.

Very often we let other people or society tell us what to do, what we “should” do.

Big ones like “you should get a proper job” “you should have a partner/be in a relationship” or rather small ones like “you should wear this colour” “you should dye your hair”…and so on.

I noticed that often the pressure from outside is strong, because I decided to be different and embrace it, to live my life differently.

Sometimes it’s “need” instead of “should” and in that case I consider doing it – sometimes.

However when the “shoulds” get to much, when I tend to spend to much time to do what others would like me to, when I am too much people-pleasing, my body reacts.

I get subtle signals first – and if I don’t listen, like last week, the headaches get stronger, I feel exhausted and tired.

So I decided not only to rest and recharge over the weekend, but also to get clear about what I really want to do and do some of the fun stuff like knitting or writing poems or watching one of my favorite movies.

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