What I needed today…

was sleep, lots of sleep.

My body was telling me in a way that I could not mistake, that I needed to rest.

After a week of being a really busy bee, writing job applications, going to interviews I got home after another busy morning – and felt soooooooooo tired, my eyes wouldn’t stay open, my head started to hurt – and on top of it I had another job interview scheduled for 3 pm.

I thought a short nap would be good, but that didn’t really help. I was still very tired.

I drank lots of water, had a coffee – nothing worked.

So I re-scheduled and slept, the whole afternoon, slept deep and now I am me again.

Able to concentrate on what I really want instead of being so busy taking action.

I needed to catch up with the events, with that powerful energy that moves through my life right now.

Sleep can be great when you have lots of change. I just didn’t listen – so my body showed me.

And I am grateful for this experience.

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