Best of July

Today is the last day of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge and the last day of July.

So I decided on “best of”-lists, in threes, as the German saying goes “all good things come in threes”.

The three most viewed posts this month were:

1. Why I love Blogging

2. Decluttering my desk

3. Closing Doors

What’s interesting is that these were ones that were very easy to write and flowing out.

I didn’t look for a special theme, I just went with what wanted to appear on my white paper.

My second list are my top three blogs, the ones I enjoy – and wanted to share with you:

1. Seths Blog: Seth Godin’s blog is one of the firsts I started reading and he is so clear about business and creating – and at the same time I find myself smiling. Fun to read, clever…see for yourself.

2. Jamie Catto: I don’t remember who mentioned Jamie first, but I started reading and found wisdom and humour and a special view on our lives that resonated very much.

3. Judith Morgan: my first contact with Judith was during the 30-Day-Challenge in June, where she was coaching and answering lots of different questions. I checked out her blog, and most of the time it resonates, it helps me on my way as artist and coach and is a good read.

And, my third list: the top-three things I learned during UBC:

1. Writing every day is important and fun. I need to share my thoughts – it’ s part of who I am.

2. People from all over the world seem to resonate – that was quite a surprise.

3. It’s easier with the support of a group of fellow bloggers. I don’t have to do it alone.

July was great and I enjoyed the UBC so much – can’t wait for the next one in October.

Thank you all for your comments and insights. I am truly grateful 🙂

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