My happiness list

What makes you smile today? What puts you in an excited and happy mode?

The thing I do when I have this “meh” feeling like today is writing a list – with things that make me happy 🙂

Come on, do it with me, will you?

Take a sheet of paper, write “Ten things that make me happy” and start writing…don’t think, just write down what comes to mind – silly things, big things, people, small things….you get it.

My list looks like this today:

1. feeling loved

2. lemon ice cream

3. having free time on this busy day

4. sunshine

5. a smile 🙂

6. listening to the birds

7. dark chocolate

8. a hug

9. a walk along the river

10. simply feeling alive

Notice how you feel after this little exercise. Most things on my list are free and fun. How about yours? What makes you happy?

Put your list somewhere you can see it, read it often and if you feel good, expand your list to 20 or 50 bullet points.

Have a happy day!

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