Three more days…

…and the Ultimate Blogging Challenge will be over.

I will, hopefully, have written 31 posts in 31 days.

Considering that I started my blog as part of the 30-Day-Challenge (yes, a lot of challenges right now) as an experiment I found I really enjoy writing daily and sharing my thoughts with you.

I think I will continue my daily posts – until it’s a habit like my daily training.

I already find myself thinking about content and posts at every possible time of the day…because creating is part of me.

Can’t do it on scheduled times only, my creative self comes up with the best ideas when I am in the shower or doing something completely different, like doing the laundry or walking in the rain.

Sometimes I even dream about blogging. And sometimes I remember to take notes.

When are you creative? How does it work for you?



3 thoughts on “Three more days…

  1. As someone who plans on continuing with the daily blogging after the UBC is over, I think you should keep going. What fun is a blog if you’re not going to post to it?

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