I was looking for quotes and some of the Monday quotes are “I hate Mondays” ” Monday – Nothing a shopping spree can’t mend” “Monday- why are you so far away from Friday”…

That speaks a lot about the joy we have in our jobs. Most people with the traditional workweek hate going there after the weekend and on Wednesdays they’ll look forward to Friday.

I have been there, it wasn’t fun and if most of the people think like this and work like this, there’s something deeply wrong.

When I was working freelance and weekends too, I never felt like this.

When I was in a job I loved, I couldn’t wait to start on a Monday.

Why do we deprive ourselves of the joy, life brings, of having fun, of being optimistic?

I think we learned as children that “work is hard” “you have to have a job, no matter if you love it or not” or “it’s always been like this”.
Our parents didn’t know better, but you can – if you want to – change your beliefs and have a joyful worklife.
How about making a gratitude list, list three to five things you are grateful for in your life and especially at your workplace.
Look out for the parts of your work you enjoy, and do the things you really hate – that dreaded phone call, the boring meeting – first thing in the morning.

If you really hate Mondays and your job then look out for a new one. Life is too short to stay in a job you hate – no matter what economy – and imagine how it would feel to love Mondays.


6 thoughts on “Mondays

  1. Thank you for sharing. I love Monday! I love Tuesday! I Love Wednesday! I love Thursday! I love Friday! I love Saturday! I love Sunday! I love life and all of it’s ups and downs!

  2. Fun post – and yes – I always made sure I loved and had fun where I worked – and then moved into running my own businesses! I shared you post…Have a great Monday 🙂

  3. WOOHOO – I LOVE this post! Although I complain about Mondays, I look forward to clacking away on my laptop EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    Thanks for this wonderful reminder to do what we love and love what we do!

    Thank God Its Monday, eh? 😉


  4. That’s a beautiful take on Monday! I’ve always looked forward to Mondays while I was doing jobs I’ve enjoyed doing but in the jobs I did not enjoy, I hated Monday and all the other working days.
    It really is so important to do what you love doing.

  5. You are all SO fortunate to love what you do…….and just to say that yesterday (Monday) I handed in my notice with no job to go to…….having taken the decision on Sunday, with the “dreading Monday” feeling again, which has gone on for too long and I deserve better. So here’s to new beginnings and I’m hoping I will find something that I finally love to do. But a bit apprehensive at this time I must say…..I’ve always been an “employed” caged bird with financial security and thinking now that I must be mad, but you know what? Life is too short and money isn’t everything, although it helps.

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