You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.

Paulo Coelho


And risks are what we are afraid of. We try to feel safe and build our lives in a way that seems to protect us. Seems – because if you live like this, you close the door to the beautiful things that happen when you move and let life show you the way.

Life per se is risky, and deep down inside we know that.

If we use this and step forward, it will feel wobbly and shaky, but if we move nonetheless we will be surprised what is possible.

You cannot be creative and live in total security. You cannot be an artist without doing new things and putting them out into the world.

You cannot write or paint or compose without taking risks. That’s part of the fun.

Life needs you to do that so it can show you the miracle, the beauty – because life loves you.

The Universe (I call it Tao) always has your back.

Are you ready to receive all that life wants to give you? Are you ready for some wonderful surprises?

Are you ready to take risks? 

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