Space and silence

Women need space and silence. We too quickly give away our energy. There’s something about holding that richness.

Natalie Goldberg

Today my body reminded me of this truth.
I had a week full of ups and downs, lots of new contacts and yesterday more phone calls than usual.
Although I did my Taoist exercises and remembered to breathe I woke up with lots of tension in my neck and a terrible headache.
Nothing I did seemed to help – I don’t take painkillers – and my todo-list was full.
So I had a nap and did more exercises in the afternoon – and it got better at last.
I will give myself more space, so no plans tomorrow, just me-time.
What gives me space and helps is writing. Writing connects me to my thoughts, emotions, I can explore new opportunities, I can have adventures – on paper everything is possible.
Writing gives me my energy back. Writing puts me back in my power.
Writing is therapy and artform. No matter how I feel – excited, calm, sad, angry, in love or heartbroken – writing clears, writing soothes, writing is what makes my heart sing.
What do you do to claim space and silence? What makes your heart sing?

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