Fresh Energy

Rain, rain and more rain – that’s what I see today, and I love it.

I am opening my windows wide to let the fresh air in, to breathe deeply, to fill my lungs with this luxurious gift.

Breathing deeply and mindfully brings fresh energy to our bodies and clears the mind.

It’s not raining where you live right now?

No problem, just try this short exercise:

Stand with your legs and arms relaxed and visualize you are standing in the summer rain.

The water is clear and fresh and washing away all tiredness, negativity, stress.

You breathe in and out for nine breathing cycles and every breath is refreshing you.

Then you imagine the rain stopping, you are now deeply cleansed and feeling refreshed.

Now inhale deeply and imagine each inbreath – like a stream of sunlight – carrying all the good you want – new opportunities, love, healing, joy, wealth, anything you want.

Do this nine times and then let go and relax.

Try it and feel free to tell me about your experience.


4 thoughts on “Fresh Energy

  1. Indeed, Sabine, there is nothing more refreshing than fresh rain. Years ago I lived in a remote community at the top of Australia. Every day during the “wet season” at 3 PM the sky would turn white and the rain would come. Because it was tropic climate the rain was warm. No umbrellas, no running for shelter, just glorious rain. And then it would stop, and within minutes all was dry.
    Thank you for reminding us of the beauty in the little things we so often take for granted.
    HUGS ❤

  2. A lovely tip!
    It sounds a little bit like meditation. Sometimes I just need to sit in a chair outside and inhale/ exhale!

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