Music was my first love…

…and it will be my last.

Listening to the amazing performance of one of my all-time favourites last night, tuning in and completely feeling the sound – how could I choose a barbecue with friends – as they expected I think- over this experience.

Looking back I realized that I have always chosen music first.
I don’t regret it…the fascinating moments when the band starts, you recognize the tune, your heart jumps with joy and you humm or sing along, move your body to the rhythm of good old rock, pure guitar sounds, just enjoying the moment.

Music brings me back to the place where I am me, pure, just me.

And when a friend and really excellent guitarplayer like Thomas Blug plays with a huge orchestra, it’s even more my music, so here’s a picture:

blugi altstadtfest

What’s your music?

3 thoughts on “Music was my first love…

  1. Hey Sabine

    Music is indeed cathartic. I too prefer a quiet evening with my husband and our favorite tunes over a gala with loud songs and noisy chatter πŸ˜›

    As for what kind of music I prefer, I mostly listen to my movie tracks from my country But ENGLISH ‘Country Music’ and some pop songs steal my heart too. I guess my tune-of-the-moment depends on my mood-of-the-moment! hehe

    I am glad you had a fantastic time with one of your favorite bands #HUGSSS

    Much love

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