Lazy Saturday

Taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge means writing every day. Even if it’s a small post like today.

Meeting with old friends last night, enjoying it so much, it was very late when I got home and it was still hot in my flat, so I didn’t sleep well…and am in a lazy mode today.

There’s Tom’s gig tonight and of course I am going, so today, with 30+ degrees outside I’ll only do some shopping and the rest of the day will be relaxing and doing what I love: reading, knitting, meditating.

I hope for a thunderstorm or rain tonight, hopefully after the gig.

I love summer – but today it feels too hot to be outside.

How’s your Saturday?

4 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday

  1. It’s only about 8:40am and Saturday just started but right now I’m spending it on fb and commenting on blogs. I’m currently staying with friends and later today they’re having a BBQ on their terrace and inviting friends over which is great bc I LOVE BBQ!!!!!

  2. It is raining here this morning and I feel very lethargic. I enjoy sitting on my screened in back porch and listening to the sounds of the morning. Have a beautiful weekend!

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