Exciting events ahead

I am thinking right now about the meet-up with old friends tomorrow night. I haven’t seen some of them for over ten years, with others I stayed in touch since I left university in 1993.

Some of our group know that I am not the person I was, I suspect any of us is.
So the question of the day/night will be “what do you do?” and mostly the answer might be sort of “I am now manager for x at YZ” or ” I am working as ABC for the last x years”.
Now I am an engineer like all the friends and some of their partners.
But I never worked in that field, I changed my jobs a lot – and I worked freelance, then I was out of work for some time … and now that I write this
I am thinking “why do we define us or identify so strong with our jobs?” and “who are we when we don’t work?”
I was thinking of a different and honest answer like ” trying to make the world more beautiful”,”spread my joy”, “writing – and no, I haven’t been published yet”…this should be fun and I have no intention to put on a mask that I put away years ago.

The next exciting event will be a good friends gig with a big orchestra. He plays e-guitar and is well known over here, but he’s never done this before.
So he’s very excited and I am, too.
However meeting him after not seeing each other in person for a while is always very relaxing because he never asks this “what do you do?” stuff. He understands that we are both artists in our own unique way.

So, how about respecting and encouraging each other along the way, no matter what profession, if manager or mother?

I have a feeling that my weekend will be very interesting…

3 thoughts on “Exciting events ahead

  1. I resonate so much with this post. I never stayed in the same thing for very long, I get bored rather quickly. That’s why I am self employed as a weight release coach. I have the freedom and flexibility to create my work and my life on my terms, even though I have a niche, I still expand upon that so I don’t get bored (or boring!). This post was so refreshing because so often I feel like I am from another planet because I am so different and such a free spirit! Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone! Hugs, Maryann

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