Closing Doors

Close some doors today.
Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance,
but simply because they lead you nowhere. 
– Paolo Coelho

Being tired today, for no special reason, and feeling uneasy at the same time, I asked the Universe, the Tao, for a sign and found this.

It’s exactly what is happening to me right now, as I am moving forward on my creative path.
Now I see, that some doors lead me nowhere, that I left them open to feel connected to my past. I feel a bit stuck and sad and of course grief is important when you let go of people and ideas and what you thought would be your place for the next years.

Change is important, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it.
Change is what I need, so I have to trust it anyway.

It takes a lot of my courage but today I close some doors.

5 thoughts on “Closing Doors

  1. Thanks for sharing this, people always find change hard, there is a great book called Who moved my Cheese. It can be tough but disconnecting yourself from people and situations that lead nowhere or to the negative is so important for you own well being.


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