Spreading Joy

After last night’s amazing football match I saw many happy faces today, raving about the players and planning meet-ups for Sunday, watching the finale, celebrating together.

That made me wonder if we can only feel this collective joy through big events like the worldcup.

How could we feel this joy inside more in our lives?
What would it take to have many people create and make the world more beautiful for everyone?
What would it take to spread joy every day?

As special as those big events are I believe we need more joy every day.

What gives me joy, in no particular order:

– a smile, doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or stranger
– being in nature, looking at flowers, watching animals, listening to the birds early in the morning
– ice cream in the sunshine
– writing a poem just for fun
– singing
– to wear colourful clothes, that really cheers me up

What brings you joy?

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