Yesterday I ran into a friend at the pastry shop. He’s my favourite cameraman and lighting guy and I haven’t seen him a while.
Just now, when I am in the middle of planning a shortfilm, he appears – out of the blue.

Last week I had an email from an old friend, offering me a ride to our meeting in two weeks, when I wanted to cancel because I didn’t know how to get there.

Since I started doing what I love, following my heart – most of the time – I experience this.

Today I was mailing with a 30 Day Challenge friend and found out that we both were on the same online Satsang last night – without knowing it. We both write poems and this is just the beginning.

I find more and more connections and the Universe showers me with these nice surprises to make my days more joyful.

Do you experience these “coincidences” too?

4 thoughts on “Coincidences

  1. Oprah once said, “Coincidences are when God chooses to remain anonymous.” Others; refer to it as the Law of Attraction. The thing is, the Universe is out there listening with an open ear and open heart. It’s up to us to call out with love to ourselves and to others.

    And yes, Sabine, this has happened to me time and time again. HUGS ❤

  2. There are no coincidences, only the opportunities you see and create when you’re mind is open to all the possibilities that come your way as people come back in and out of your life. Great post, very encouraging!!!!

  3. Hey, I’ve experienced it and feel an emotional rush of happiness…it’s an aha moment where we connect with people who become our strength so that we achieve greatness together:) It looks like the universe is conspiring for great things to unfurl for us:)

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