Why I love blogging

Today I was thinking about my blog and what it means for me.

Most of my friends here in Germany don’t blog, are not as familiar with social media as I am and we discuss often why and what it’s all about.

First of all I enjoy the writing process. I love sitting at my keyboard and playing with words. I love to express my feelings – I am a writer. And I decided that I don’t need someone’s approval, I am going to write anyway.
Sometimes it feels like I am talking to myself, reassuring me, cheering me on.
Sometimes I hope somebody out there has similar experiences and me sharing makes him/her feel better.

Sometimes the writing gives me clarity about my next steps, about my path.
As a coach I can share with you what I do and the tools I use – and I learn what is important to my potential clients.

As a creative being writing is creating with words.

Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month forces me to write every day. No matter how I feel, no matter what comes up – here I am writing.

What drives you?

9 thoughts on “Why I love blogging

  1. This is great. I write for many of the same reasons. It’s a joy, it’s therapy, it’s a friend. It’s the best.
    I was wondering if I could include some of your words in a book I’m working on about writing. It’s called Fall in Love with Writing and it’s to inspire people to write. 140 people are part of it, mostly bloggers. From 15 to 65 and from 24 countries.I’d love to include you. Your name (or pen name), age and country will be included to give you credit.
    All good if you want to decline, just thought I’d check.
    Kind regards,

      1. Yay, I’m so glad. Can I grab your name and age? I assume the country would be Germany. Feel free to email the details if you prefer.
        Thanks so much.

  2. Blogging is the perfect way to express myself.
    I write fiction and I really appreciate any comments on my work. It’s the only way I’ll improve.

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