De-cluttering my desk

After focussing on my film project for the whole month of June, I found a lot of clutter, paper-clutter accumulated on my desk.
So I declared this weekend my decluttering weekend – not only to clear my desk, but my mailbox, my cupboards – the whole thing.
I have bills to sort and lots of loose sheets with ideas, writing, mind-maps on my desk. The dishes are piled up, the laundry needs to be done, I have to go through my cupboards and get rid of old clothes, old stuff – like a snake shedding it’s old skin.

I find, when I start to declutter my surroundings, my thoughts clear as well.
That’s what I need right now: clarity.

I found when I do simple things like sorting my clothes, cleaning the dishes, wiping cupboards, even vacuuming my appartment, the energy around me changes.
It’s like the energy flows and is more vibrant.

I am more vibrant, too.

So I am off now to clear my desk and my life.

Where is your life cluttered?

9 thoughts on “De-cluttering my desk

  1. Hey there, my dear Creative Friend 🙂 My greatest thinking spot is over the clothesline. Used to be a wonderful escape when my kids were young and had diapers to hang out to dry. I so can relate to decluttering. After living in a small apartment in Australia for many years, we learnt how little you actually need from all the STUFF you accumulate over the years. I am wonderful at giving away and try to stick to two rules: 1) Before purchasing something new, we need to be sure that we have where to put it. 2) For every new pair of shoes or piece of clothing we buy, we have to give at least one away.

    Don’t get so caught up in decluttering that you let the wkd fly away without enjoying yourself. BIG HUGS ❤

  2. *sigh* … My desk. It’s where I am most of each and every day. Then again, my house is a mess and I really need to do a major purge. I literally FEEL the weight of it all. I know one thing … IT’S NOT HAPPENING THIS WEEKEND! lol

  3. Thank you for sharing. I feel normal now. I thought that I was the only one that got so wrapped up on the computer that I often let things pile up until one day I look up and I can not find my life for all of the clutter. I will try to set aside some time each day !

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