The 30 Day Challenge is moving towards its last day and my project is still constantly changing and evolving.

I started out with the idea of making a shortfilm with poetry dialogues. The film is about a group of people who started in the 90ies meeting once each month to talk about screenplays and movies. This expanded and we did workshops on writing, camera and we made several no/very low-budget films over the years. Then it came to an end when people moved or lost interest.

We talked about meeting again for ages, and when some of us met for lunch in March I could feel the urge to create, to have fun and to write, act, shoot. In my personal life I felt stuck, because my creativity coaching ideas didn’t take off, until in April, discussing my situation with a friend, the idea for a shortfilm  was born.

So I wrote about these five people getting together, four of the original players and no.5 a psychologist, who joined later and is often commenting on the dynamics in our group from his background.

While writing dialogue today it occured to me that this dialogue mirrors my inner dialogue, one of the guys has my Top Dog/inner critics voice, the other is my calm professional voice. This is the direct link to my coaching process, where I learned about Voice Dialogue and talking to your different personality parts.

So it looks as things start to fall into place, I can see clearly where I am heading. Now I think about making the film a bit more artistic using mirrors and effects. Maybe all voices are just inside and the outside is a dream, like the Hawaiian kahunas teach it?

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