Deadline Buzz

Next Monday at 10 pm UK time is the deadline for the 30 Day Challenge.

It’s the day when we all will launch our results. It’s less than a week from now and I am feeling this mix of panic and excitement – deadline buzz.

I know it’s typical for me to start working like crazy, just before launch day. I know I need this pressure or a t least I believe it.

I could have done more each day,  I admit I have been procrastinating a bit, knowing it would end in stress. I have to assure myself every day now,that I can really do it, I will launch a part fo my poetry shortfilm on Monday.

My project is to combine my poetry with my passion for filmmaking – and actually do a shortfilm, 5 to 8 minutes long, with a group of filmmaking friends.

And my head is buzzing with ideas and heavy from lack of sleep – I am wide awake most nights with new ideas, which I find fascinating.

On the other hand, this focus and putting my work out there brings up lots of old and limiting beliefs, the “will it be good enough”, “nobody needs my art” sort.

I need to be energized now and centered –  breathing get me there, slow breaths, realxing my body, feeling the energy and doing what needs to be done.

Time to get out of hiding, time to work – Now!


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